Gift Box

Gift.One is the biggest cryptocurrency airdrop orginazation in the world. Gift.One cooperates with various projects include Telegram locking their airdrop tokens to Gift Box and distribute Gift.One token(Gift).

Gift will be distributed in succession to potential holders by several manners such as airdrop, gift, lottery and second-kill. Currently Gift Box locked alomost 20 tokens include TON, ETH and EOS, reaching total 100 million USD.

Gift in the box

Name Amount Price (USD)
GRAM 1,000,000 0.7
BTC 100 7825.34
ETH 1,000 738.337
EOS 100,000 8.36
CHAT 1,000,000 0.262
VEE 10,000,000 0.08
HLC 100,000 0.34
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